There are two ways in which clients can enter these programs:

  1. Hospital and clinical outpatient services – Referrals from inpatient cardiac rehabilitation programs
  2. GP and self-referral pathways

These 1hr programs are group based with a high level of supervision, including blood pressure measures pre and post exercise and heart rate and O2 saturation monitoring throughout. Participants in this program are educated regarding their condition with specific attention given to intensity of exercise for improved cardiac health. These programs aim to equip the individual with knowledge to help self-manage their condition and reduce the risk of further cardiac events. Please contact our clinics to find out when these specialised groups are being held.

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How do I join? 4 simple steps


Information Pack

Download an information pack or contact us and we’ll send you one.


Individual Assessment

Complete a questionnaire and attend a health and fitness assessment.


Orientation session

Attend an orientation session with our staff.


Plan your schedule

Decide on a membership payment option and nominate your session times.