This class is suitable for clients identified as having a higher risk of falls.  This is a small group-based program focused on improving mobility,  balance, posture, gait and strength with the aim of improving functional capacity and overall quality of life.

Having a smaller group allows for greater supervision, reduces the risk of falls, and ensures correct technique. The small groups also create a social environment that is interactive and engaging for our clients.

Clients participate in a variety of aerobic exercise, appropriate resistance training, as well as static and dynamic balance drills. The classes are modified according to functional ability and exercises are altered around each client’s current medical condition.

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How do I join? 4 simple steps


Information Pack

Download an information pack or contact us and we’ll send you one.


Individual Assessment

Complete a questionnaire and attend a health and fitness assessment.


Orientation Session

Attend an orientation session with our staff.


Plan your schedule

Decide on a membership payment option and nominate your session times.