Pre-requisite Assessment:  Each new client that attends a Healthy Connections Exercise Clinic must first undergo an assessment with one of our Exercise Physiologists. This consultation involves having a discussion about the client’s medical history and current health status, as well as undertaking a battery of modified fitness tests. This information is used to formulate an individualised exercise program aimed at improving general health and wellness. Each exercise program is written to address the central components of fitness such as cardiovascular health, strength and functionality, balance, and flexibility. The programs are also tailored around each individual’s specific conditions and/or injuries, and are focused on addressing their personal goals.

There is a heavy emphasis on correct technique to ensure the use of appropriate muscles and reduce the risk of injury.  Our qualified Exercise Physiologists are always on hand to supervise the sessions and offer assistance. Clients are provided with ongoing care, and exercise programs are continually adjusted and progressed to maximise the benefits of the exercise. This service is also applicable to members that aren’t interested in joining the exercise facility. Some clients may request a home-based program, or a specialised program to target a specific need (i.e. weight management, event preparation, overseas travel).



The staff are very professional – they make sure we are exercising correctly and help with any problems we may have. The professional supervision is what sold me on Healthy Connections


How do I join? 4 simple steps


Information Pack

Download an information pack or contact us and we’ll send you one.


Individual Assessment

Complete a questionnaire and attend a health and fitness assessment.


Orientation session

Attend an orientation session with our staff.


Plan your schedule

Decide on a membership payment option and nominate your session times.