Injuries can occur during activities of daily living such as gardening, lifting objects and sport. Common injuries include rotator cuff tears, achilles tendon tears, back and neck strains, vertebral disc injuries and general muscular strains. Fractures requiring associated muscular rehabilitation are also commonly seen. Our aim is to provide the expertise guidance and supervision to safely rehabilitate clients back to optimal functionality.

Chronic pain can have a significant impact on our lives and affect the ability to maintain good sleep routines, work productivity, mental health, social and family life commitments and general health. Specific exercise has been proven to reduce pain and improve function for many conditions. Our Exercise Physiologists will work closely together with you, to develop an activity plan that may assist in reducing and managing your pain.

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I have attended Healthy Connections for approximately 3.5 years, experiencing improvement in my Osteoporotic spine, maintaining overall strength and balance as well as better managing specific joint problems. Despite an always healthy, fit and active lifestyle I have a long history with arthritis and osteoporosis. My excellent results are due to supportive expertise of university qualified staff who understand the science of exercise and can therefore specifically target, and adapt, varying exercise programs addressing ‘seniors’ and chronic disease management.


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