Member Sessions at Fitzgibbon

Our member sessions at Fitzgibbon combines gym and reformer equipment to provide a unique blend of Pilates, balance and resistance training.

Receive an individually prescribed program tailored to meet your health goals in an open gym group setting. Supervised by an Exercise physiologist to help you with your exercises and provide expert progressions and advice.

What Gym Equipment is Available?

HUR computerised air pressure equipment is specially designed to address clients individuality as everyone’s strength levels and abilities vary.


Booked hourly sessions are available weekdays between 6:30am to 11am. 


Starter’s Pack (required) $125.00*

*Health fund rebates may apply, please check with your provider. For more information about referrals and rebates – click here

Loyalty Member Prices

If you are a loyalty member, please call 3624 2185 or visit Reception.

Get Started!

Initial Assessment

If you are new to Healthy Connections, you will need to book in for your initial assessment before getting started. Our Starter’s Pack $125.00 includes your initial assessment, customised program and one-on-one Exercise Physiology (EP) session.

To purchase the Starter’s Pack and book in your initial assessment and EP session, call us on 3624 2185. Please fill out the Starter’s Pack form (click to download) prior to your initial assessment. 

Book your Member Sessions

Once you have had your initial assessment, you can start booking your member sessions – either online or on the Mindbody app. 

Open the online store and follow the steps in our how-to guide.

Download the Mindbody app on your phone and follow the steps in our how-to guide.