Our physiotherapists are experts in providing safe and effective treatments to rehabilitate musculo-skeletal injuries and chronic pain conditions while promoting physical activity and function for patients to improve their general health and wellbeing.


Our studio provides effective solutions to our clients to achieve their rehab goals while promoting self-management through a sustainable and realistic exercise prescription.

* Correct as of October 2020

* Private Health Rebates may apply, check with your provider. DVA health cards (gold & white) accepted upon GP referral.

Treatments by appointment. Phone (07) 3624 2185


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (2016)

Brandon has experience with musculoskeletal, aged care and rehabilitation physiotherapy. The services he offers includes pain management, rehabilitation exercise prescription, hands-on manual therapy treatment, cardiorespiratory treatment, mobility aid prescription and neuro-rehabilitation.

"We will set realistic goals and manage your symptoms as a team."