Massage Therapy



Remedial Massage

Assists with the mobility of your joints & repairing damaged tissues.

Relaxation/Therapeutic Massage

Helps prevent and alleviate the discomforts of stress, headaches, migraines, muscle spasms & cramps.


Restoring balance, treating pain and boosting sluggish circulation.

Lymphatic Drainage

Gentle, rhythmic motion which moves lymph fluid towards lymph nodes to be filtered and refreshed. Detoxification & supporting the body’s immune system.

Seated Massage

Massage techniques are applied to the neck and shoulders. Treatment of migraines.

Treatments by appointment only.

Massage Therapists

Pearl is highly experienced, having worked in the massage industry for the past 14 years, and holds qualifications in remedial massage, massage therapy practice, superficial lymph drainage massage and dry needling treatment.

Pearl offers remedial massage therapy and dry needling treatments at the Healthy Connections clinics.

Satsuki offers a natural, organic and holistic approach to massage therapy. She works to achieve harmonisation of the body, mind and spirit. Satsuki holds a Diploma of Remedial Massage.

First Appointment

On arrival you will be welcomed by your therapist, and asked to complete a health assessment form. This information is confidential and is vital in planning your massage treatment. Information regarding immediate and long term medical conditions and the areas of your pain and discomfort are essential to ensure the best results. We work alongside your health care providers and encourage you to inform them of your massage treatment prior to your initial visit to ensure your health and wellbeing.

Home Visit

Enjoy a massage in the privacy of your own home. In home massages are available on request. A travel fee may apply. For further information contact the clinic.