Our physiotherapists are experts in providing safe and effective treatments to rehabilitate musculo-skeletal injuries and chronic pain conditions while promoting physical activity and function for patients to improve their general health and wellbeing.

What is the difference between an Exercise Physiologist and a Physiotherapist?

Exercise physiologists tend to work in the long-term management of chronic conditions, where as a Physiotherapist work more in the acute management phase.

Physiotherapists have more diagnostic skills and can provide hands-on treatment for their clients if necessary. For best client outcomes we always recommend a multidisciplinary approach.

We can assist with:

Individual Consultatations:

In Clinic:

30 minutes – $95.00*


At Home:

60 minutes – $145.00*

* Health fund rebates may apply, check with your provider.

Prices may vary, valid as of October 2022. Select services offer 10% off for concessions and some may be GST exempt.

As an Allied health field, Physio services are rebatable via a number of avenues including private health insurers, Medicare, DVA, NDIS and My Aged Care.  Talk to your GP or contact us to see what referrals you may be eligible for.