Exercises for Seniors - Wall Pushups

Wall pushup

Stand arm’s length in front of a wall. Lean forward slightly and put your palms flat on the wall at the height and width of your shoulders. Keep your feet planted as you slowly bring your body towards the wall. Gently push yourself back so that your arms are straight.

Side leg raise

Stand behind the chair with your feet slightly apart. Slowly lift your right leg to the side. Keep your back straight, your toe facing forward, and stare straight ahead. Lower your right leg slowly and repeat on left leg.

Exercises for Seniors - Back Leg Raises

Back leg raise

This exercise can help to make your bottom and lower back stronger. Stand behind a chair. Slowly lift your right leg straight back – don’t bend your knees or point your toes. Hold that position for one second, then gently bring your leg back down. Repeat this on your left leg.

Exercises for Seniors - Toe Lifts

Toe lifts

Stand straight and put your arms in front of you on a bench or sturdy chair. Raise yourself up on your toes, then gently lower yourself. Don’t lean too far forward on the chair or counter. 

Exercises for Seniors - Walking Heel to Toe

Walk heel to toe

This is another great balance exercise, walk heel toe for 10 steps. It can be helpful to walk around a chair if you aren’t confident with your balance.

Exercises for Seniors - Marching in Place

Marching in place

This exercise focuses on balance. Standing straight, lift your right knee as high as you can. Lower it, then lift the left leg. 

There are many other ways to exercise at home, cleaning the house, gardening and going up your stairs all count as exercise. YouTube is a fantastic resource for online yoga classes, however be sure to only do movements you are comfortable with.